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Louis Vuitton Outlet (Louis Vuitton) 2015 spring and summer series of bags, appeared for the first time in the spring / summer 2015 fashion show, including Petite Malle, Twist and Dora of new color, these bags are design director Nicholas Ghesquiere came to LV's first hand. Petite Malle series bag derived new two bag, Petite Malle Souple, Petite Malle Foldover soft bags;, folding bag. Alma and Dora Souple each added a new color, LV Monogram pattern, black background, red stamp. The new season, LV also introduced a number of new bag. To see which one you like.

2004 is the 150 anniversary of the brand, in Paris Champs Elysees Street store, exhibited a louis vuitton bags more than 3000 samples and its founder Louis Vuitton photos, make people understand that this big boss poineering course [1] from a small carpenter to.

A small village Louis Vuitton was born in February 12, 1821 in France,Cheap Louis Vuitton is the father of nearby forest farm lumberjack, poor family. Parents do not have the money to buy him a toy plane and chisel, accompanied by his childhood, he grew up on the carpentry is interested in. At the age of 14 he went alone to Paris, more than 400 km walk, walk for several days. He was fond dream is to make money to live a good life, so again painstakingly again tired also is not afraid of.

Later he went to Paris, have a lot of trouble, finally found a job in a famous woodworking handicraft workshop. Work is a beech and poplar trees produce Sheng milk used casks. It was the period of the Second Reich, a grand party swept the whole of Paris, provincial nobility often in droves, many rich lady buy this wooden skirts and petticoats. When people need to find a convenient tool to carry the clothing of travel -- the LV bags came into being.

In 1854, Louis Vuitton Outlet Online in Paris, Asni El founded the first bags own production workshop. Because of the lack of start-up capital, his wife took out a dowry and past savings. Louis is very clever, talented, creative spirit. He invented a handle flat box, replace the previous heavy and wooden box, the materials used are still beech, poplar, leather, metal jewelry, belt buckle and the lock etc.. The box surface using grey and beige cloth pasting wear.

His this kind of box is not only strong and durable, easy to carry and travel, beautiful and generous appearance, elegant colors coordination, so quickly open the market, and the queen Ou Renni's appreciation, she vowed from Louis Vuitton there custom-made jewelry box. LV is known since the samples. The king of Egypt ordered preserved fruit crate, Tsar Nicola II of Russia, India and many maharajah, Spanish king Alphand VII, to Louis Widenyri order. Louis Vuitton Handbags growing reputation, he not only expanded at the Athenee El workshops, and opened a store in the Sikelibo street.

In 1857 Louis's son George was born. In 1881, the people of tunnel excavation in the Manche underneath, and the British Association is promising, Louis then said to his son: "we strive to be the first in the UK to the landing of the enterprise." In 1885, LV's first store opened in london. Louis worked hard life died in 1892, his son took over the baton to really create high-grade bags empire.